A tree is a tree is a tree is a tree, Aug 3–10, 2018

Curated by Giulia Gabrielli and Shervin Kianersi Haghighi.

To climb a tree. To sleep under a tree. To observe a tree. To listen to a tree. To follow the rhythm of a tree. To think as a tree. A tree as a tree as a tree. To collect the fruits and take roots. But also, a tree with roots in the air. Let’s choose two. A lemon tree. An olive tree. Which kind of stories they can tell? Which kind of history do they embody? Through actions, reenactment and appropriation of texts, tales, proverbs, myths, recipes, aesthetic and medical properties, artistic uses, timing of blossoming, roles in history, symbologies and personal stories, the idea is to weave a narration/script/performance that will put as in relation with those two trees in the Cafausica’s garden.
The beginning of a research, of an audio archive, or better, of an audioguide (potentially endless) that maps the garden, a knowledge built in time.